The Port Shed reopens

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The Port Men in Shed is now open.

Below is list of the current Covid-19 Shed guidelines which must be adhered to in order to keep our members safe:

1,        Attendees must wear a face mask to gain entry to the Shed. Also, please use the hand sanitiser to the right of the door on entry.

2,         You will be met at reception by a Volunteer who will check you have booked, are masked and sanitised. There is a QR code for the Shed which you can scan if you have the Track & Trace App on your ‘phone. If you have booked a Pod, you will be allocated a position at this point. The Volunteer will run through these rules with you to ensure you fully understand them

3,         With infection rates on the increase, you must wear a mask at all times when in the Shed. The only exceptions are when using the Gym equipment and when seated and taking refreshments on the mezzanine. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth.

 4,         Again because of the current level of Covid-19 infections, you must maintain 2m distancing at all times, particularly when taking refreshments on the mezzanine. There are markings on the floor in this area, please ensure your chair legs are placed on the    markings. Please also ensure only one person uses the staircase at any time.

5,         You should only leave your pods or allocated space if essential (WC visit, refreshments or leaving the Shed). Should you need anything please ask a Delegate/Volunteer who will be available to fetch and carry tools or materials. This should reduce the need for you to leave your Pod.

6,         A one-way system has been implemented. Entry to the shed is as normal via the front door, exit is via the rear door in the machine room.

7,       A condition of attendance is that you will clean and sanitise your Pod or Gym slot before you start your day (you can then be sure your area is sanitised to your satisfaction) and before you leave the Shed for the day.













Three of the five Pods